The Curricular Project Contemplates

Double Degree + Project


Higher Level National Diploma


Higher National Diploma


End of the Degree

ECC is the best professional develop centre in Cádiz | Certificate of Higher Education | Higher National Diplomas in Tourism, Marketing and Publicity.



The ECC curriculum project envisages a Spanish CFGS qualification.

Higher Level National Diploma

The higher national diploma combines theoretical and practical teaching, both in the classroom and in companies, which facilitates access to the labour market.

The degree prepares the student to take on middle management responsibilities from the first day on the job, as they are practical programmes that allow for real experience in the chosen sector.

In case you decide to continue your education with university studies in Spain, it will not be necessary to take the PEvaU and your access grade will be determined by the average grade of the technical degree.

The ECC curriculum project provides for foreign HND degrees

Higher National Diploma

Globally recognised qualification with more than 100,000 students from 60 countries around the world.

A qualification from the UK education system that allows access to the international labour market or further study at a UK university. If you choose to continue your studies abroad in any of the universities who colaborate with ECC, you will be able to access the third academical year in the terms agreed with the university centre.

This qualification will be certified by the Pearson education group. ECC is authorised and recognised by the Pearson Education Group to deliver and award these types of international qualifications.


BTECqualifications are vocational qualifications with an eminently practical focus that enable students to develop the skills and knowledge demanded in the world of work and recognised by universities.

HNDare level 5 BTEC professional grades, of which its content is developed in colaboration with students, companies and official Brittish organizations. They are widely recognized at a university level and within the labour market in both cases globally.

Estas titulaciones están acreditadas por Pearson, . This degrees are accredited by Pearson, United Kingdom’s largest certification organization. Being ECC a colaborative centre of said organization.

Pearson is the world’s leading company in the education sector. It has more than 24,000 employees and operates in 70 countries.

ECC's curricular project contemplates a double degree as well as a


Both degrees will facilitate the direct access of the ECC student to the labour market, as well as the launch if their own project, which could be supported by private companies or the continuation of their university studies.

In order to obtain the double degree, students are required to create an End-of-Cycle Project.

The project must be based on the student’s own original ideas, including all subjects and programmes on which they have received training.

The projects must present bussiness activities or technical solutions with real operational viability for its presentation to potential investors or for its private development and will be aimed to support the different economic sectors at a provincial level.

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