Univevrsiy Fair.

University Fair

University fair

From ECC (English Centre College) we’re moving around the different University Fairs of our province.

We want young people to know about our educational opportunity, which we think is unique and gives them a different perspective of what they might have been offered at the moment. And, above all, we think it opens a really versatile path for them.

In some way, the person who isn’t clear about what they want to do in the future, suddenly, instead of opening just one path, we open five with the same starting point.

We are attending this fair with the goal of finally being able to give all the information to the students, and help them define their future.

ECC is an educative offer that opens every door. It’s very important that students know us so they don’t close any door to themselves.

They need to know that with us they can have different options when it comes to career opportunities.

From incorporating to the job market immediately and with high employability rate programs. To continue their training in the UK.

The profile of student we’re looking for is a student who is excited to work, take on the world, incorporate to a international job market as soon as he/she finishes his/her training. Or even wanting to keep his/her training in the UK. Above all, a student with an international profile, with an open mind and someone who doesn’t close any doors.

We want them to understand that they create their own limits, and we give them the tools to success.

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