Vocational Training and high employability.

Vocational Training and employability.

In Spain, the view of Vocational Training has changed radically in the past few years.. Not long ago, Vocational Training was considered a secondary education, meant for people who couldn’t make it to University. However, nowadays that statement is far from reality.

Several researches have proven this: More and more students prefer to study Vocational Training instead of going to University, and what is the most important, more and more companies are looking for these average or top technicians to fill their labour gaps.

What are the advantages of Vocational Training nowadays in Spain?

  • Vocational Training is proven to be the most requested training that companies are looking for in new employees. Adecco and Infoempleo 2021’s report confirms it: 40% of the job offers are for Vocational Training graduates, above the 33% that are meant for University graduates.
  • The specialized companies’ outlooks such as Strategik B&M estimate that, in just 4 years, half of the job offers will be meant for Vocational Training graduates.
  • Also, levels of labor insertion are greater in Vocational Training, up to 90% of graduates that get a job before a year passes of getting graduated.
  • From a student point of view, Vocational Training allows them to have an official degree in two years, half of the time it takes to get an University Degree. This allows the student to integrate earlier in the job market, or access University to continue his training.
  • Vocational Training forces you to be on an internship to get the degree, which gives the student a real vision of the world before finishing his training, and allows him to adapt better to the companies’ necessities. In a lot of cases, students end up getting hired by the same company that they got an internship on.
  • Recently a law has been approved in Spain which has as a goal boosting even more Vocational Training as a preferential way of entering the job market.

In ECC we offer you two degrees on Vocational Training in 2022-2023 with a great demand on the job market.

In both cases, the Vocational Training in Spain is compatible with it’s equivalent in the British educative system, the Higher National Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing) and the Higher National Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management are the ones that offer a double international degree in just 2 years.

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