What is an HND?

What is an HND (Higher National Diploma)?

You have probably heard about a Higher National Diploma, and you don’t really know what it is. It’s an educational diploma acknowledged all around the world, with more than 100.000 students in over 60 countries.

HDN is an educational british diploma that allows the access to the international job market or the following training in a British University. That diploma is certified by the educative group Pearson, the biggest certifying organization in the UK and worldwide leader in the educational sector, ECC is authorised and recognised by the Pearson Education Group to deliver and award these kinds of international qualifications.

HND are vocational qualifications BTEC level 5, which content develops in collaboration with students, companies and official British organisms. They’re extensively recognised to University level and inside of the job market, and they are equivalent to 120 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System), and that is, two years of our University Degrees.

In our centre, the subjects of this degree are provided simultaneously with the chosen Spanish Vocational Training. For year 2022-2023 we offer you two double international degrees: on one side the Técnico Superior de Marketing y Publicidad and the Higher National Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing), and on the other side Técnico Superior en Turismo (Agencias de Viajes y Gestión de Eventos) and the Higher National Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management. In a way that, when you finish your training with us, you will have both degrees, the Spanish one and the British one.

To complete your training for a great career option, our classes are given in English, so that you will have the looseness and fluency enough to open new doors, either you want to keep studying or incorporate into the international job market.

In practice, having an HND means that, if you want to pursue your studies abroad, at one of the universities that ECC is collaborating with, you will be able to access the third academic year in the terms with each University. In our case, we have collaboration agreements with University of Derby and Swansea University so you can pursue your studies there after finishing your training with us.

If you prefer getting a job, with our international double degree you will be able to access easily to a job abroad. And that is that, in a job market more and more competitive, having an HND will make you out-stand among the rest of the candidates.

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